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Power crisis has been a national phenomenon during the last several years and depleting energy sources has made it essential for everyone to conserve as much energy as possible.

Energy is a key and critical resource, and possibly the largest controllable cost in manufacturing. It has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Conservation and optimal utilization of energy resources helps narrowing the gap between demand and supply of energy, improving energy efficiency is the most economical way of narrowing this gap Especially, in the industrial sector a cut-throat competition has made it further more essential to produce quality products and services. This has driven the corporate world to adopt and implement various cost minimizing and quality improvement technologies to reduce the product costs and to produce quality products.

Energy audit is the first step to understand the potential of your organization to save energy. It helps identify areas of energy wastage, existing level of energy usage and measures that could be taken to save energy. We provide comprehensive energy audit services including formulation of detailed project reports and recommendations for Energy Conservation Measures.


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